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The 8 Best Steam Irons of 2020

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    In the world of steam irons, Rowenta is one of the most well-regarded brands, as its products are typically powerful, efficient, and fairly priced. Given this stellar reputation, it’s really no surprise that one of the best steam irons you can buy is the Rowenta 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron. This model features a 10-ounce water tank and a stainless steel soleplate with more than 400 steam holes, and it generates an impressive 1700 watts of power!

    The microsteam soleplate on this iron provides superior steam distribution thanks to its many holes, and the high-precision tip lets you target pleats, get in between buttons, which makes ironing easier. The iron has an anti-drip design that prevents spitting and leaking, and it also features an anti-calcium system that prevents mineral buildup, which can compromise the lifespan of the iron. Additionally, the iron is equipped with important safety features, such as quick automatic shutoff if it’s left horizontal or tipped over. Reviewers say this steam iron delivers amazing results, cutting through wrinkles quickly with its powerful steam.

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    Shopping for an iron can be a daunting task. Another top-quality steam iron that comes at an unbeatable price is the T-fal Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron. This product sports a nonstick, scratch-resistant soleplate with a lifetime warranty, and it generates over 1700 watts of power to give you powerful bursts of steam. Wrinkles don’t stand a chance!

    This T-fal Steam Iron has a large number of microholes for better steam distribution, and the “ultraglide” ceramic soleplate lets you push it across any fabric with ease. The cord on this iron is a whopping 12 feet long, and there’s an extra-large water inlet that allows for easy filling of the 9-ounce water tank. The iron is equipped with anti-scale and anti-drip features, and there’s a 3-way auto-shut off features to keep your home and family safe. Reviewers say the soleplate on this iron is a dream, and it does a great job smoothing out clothes.

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    If you want the best of the best when it comes to steam irons, you need the Rowenta Digital Display Steam Iron, a high-end model that does practically everything besides folding your clothes for you! This iron produces an impressive 1,800 watts of power, allowing it to blast wrinkles from just about any material, including curtains and blankets.

    The Rowenta Digital Display Steam Iron has 400 steam holes on its stainless steel soleplate, as well as an 11-ounce water tank. It produces 30 percent more steam than comparable products, and you’ll love the LED digital display, which lets you select settings for linen, cotton, wool, silk, and more. The iron includes a smart steam motion sensor that automatically turns off the steam when the iron stops moving, helping to save water and electricity, and you can even use it to steam things vertically, so you never have to deal with wrinkly curtains again! And, of course, this high-end steam iron has anti-drip and anti-calcium technology, as well as an automatic shut-off.

  • Some steam irons have surprisingly high price tags, but you don’t have to drain your wallet to get a high-quality product. The Sunbeam Steammaster is a highly rated steam iron that comes at an affordable price, and while it may not have the sheer power of other models, it comes with several convenient features you’re sure to love.

    The Steammaster generates 1,400 watts of power and sports a stainless steel nonstick soleplate and and 8-foot retractable cord for easy storage. In addition to standard steam, this model has dual spray mist, “shot of steam,” and vertical steam options, which make ideal for a variety of tasks, from ironing tough wrinkles to steaming your favorite dress pants. It has an anti-drip system that prevents water leakage, as well as a 3-way motion smart automatic shut-off for safety. With all these features, you can’t beat this product as a budget option! Now you just need to learn how to properly iron!

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  • If you’re a sewer or quilter, you likely need a heavy duty steam iron to help bring your creations to fruition, and who better to trust than a well-known sewing machine brand? Singer’s Expert Finish 1700-Watt Anti-Drip Steam Iron is heralded by many professional crafters as a must-have in your sewing room, and it’s easy to see why.

    This steam iron delivers 1,700 watts of power to its brushed stainless steel soleplate, which features an open tip to allow you to get into pleats and under buttons. There’s an LED display with nine temperature settings, as well as a 360-degree swivel cord. The anti-drip design prevents annoying water spots, and you can play around with the steam burst and vertical steam features, as well. Several reviewers note they use this product for sewing, and they love the weight and power it provides.

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    Tired of being limited by the power cord on your iron? Then you’ll love the Panasonic Cordless Iron, which lets gets top marks from reviewers who say it delivers big! The cordless model generates 1,600 watts of power, and you charge it up on the included heat-resistant base and carrying case. The iron itself has an ergonomic design featuring a stainless steel soleplate and anti-drip system. You can choose from three heat settings, as well as adjustable steam, spray mist, and vertical steam options.

    Reviewers say this cordless iron is a perfect weight, and many love the curved edges to the soleplate, which prevent it from catching on seams as you iron. Plus, the design of the iron and case is surprisingly cute—always an added bonus.

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