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Be ready to work
Be energetic
And work as a team. There is constant work so you are always on your feet doing something, also have a lot of tasks to complete in your day of work

Productive Diverse Work Place

Diversity is implemented here. Only thing is men are allowed to be a little sexist in trucks and keep women out of them because that’s the area they prefer working in.

Ambiente de trabajo divertido

Organización y presicion al asignar las rutas ,trato afable del colectivo

Implementation of innovations

Always changing to find better ways to include employers and make work life culture more enjoyable. Innovative in their approach to work life balance and culture

Location means everything including your hours

Its fun just need better hours. Management is fine they listen, really clean facility, work can be tedious at times. Pay is fine just the hours are really underwhelming.

Amazon is a great company

There are great opportunities and even though you’re paid to work they always show appreciation , we were all treated fairly and your opinions matters.

Awesome vibe with everyone I worked with!

It was great working with new people and feeling like I was included in everything the company had going on. The hours were great and the managers were very flexible when it came to balancing school and work.

Typical corporate dream sellers

The company sells a lot of promises but pay is the best thing about the promises of the positive work environment & hours are certainly not guaranteed, 1 out 5 of our location managers could actually be deemed respectful


I did not enjoy the job mostly because id work hard nights throughout the week and barely get any compensation. what I was getting paid didn’t even come close to the amount of work I was putting in.

Great people bad management

Not for everyone this job is fun but management puts or ties your hands when implications or policies are broken could use a lot of structure and guidance in order to achieve their goals.

fast pace

fun and fast pace but little and odd hours good managers horrible team leaders no assigned post always unsure were you would work at.not very good job security


Great Team Work. Everyone is in a good mood most of the time. Great management. Coworkers are cool. Most of the time you on your own, which is something I love.

There is no advancement you are just a number underappreciated

It’s a good job to get to the next level meaning take the experience and move forward to a company who will appreciate your hard work..No matter bj omw good you do the job there is always a problem

Independent work environment

Great marketplace to sell on. I recommend this site to anyone that’s looking for passive income and have that lifestyle of being free. I’m very thankful for this opportunity.


This at first was a great job. Until a week or so into the job I found it very difficult to get in contact with management via phone. The communicate via email only.

Fast pace with good pay but no care for the employees

So far so good the job is easy for the most technical part, but is physically demanding, there is no stopping not even for your brake that is supposed to be 15 min but you cant take more than 10 min because it reflects bad on your metrics, so far I like working there but after Christmas i feel very disappointed, the first company i have ever worked for that basically mentioned a whole bunch of perks for Christmas and did nothing at all. I mean nothing, not even a Christmas card or at least a coupon for something or a gift card or discount or incentive, Nothing at all for Christmas for anyone that I know. not even a Christmas party or dinner like most employers have.
I cant believe that one of the biggest companies in the USA or even the world cant provide some kind of incentive or perk for Christmas for their warehouse employees. Its absolutely incredible

revolving door

I witnessed two people collapse from exhaustion on the job.No room for advancement whatsoever in the warehouse. Management is very clicky and you cannot get into club if you are not in management or know anyone from there.

good job security

Great opportunities to advance, there is the good and the bad but mostly bad due to management and politics. Some people work hard but are not giving recognition, while others do very little and management does not care due to personal bias. things work the opposite way.


benefits and time off.


politics, bad management

Portrays itself to be a quote on quote good company good to order things from but working there set up like a sweatshop

Is set up like a plantation can’t even use the bathroom when I was there it was horrible and they treated me very unfairly don’t feel like it’s a good place for anybody over 40 maybe if you’re into sports most of the people that work there had a first job so it was something that they had to do for the holidays it’s a lot of stress and quotas

Very hypocritical company

1. Disorganization is present in this facility; 2. Workers who work in this facility do not call their names and position (hide badges); 3. The significant excess of weight before loading into a cart for one person over 49 pounds (there may be back problems); 4. At the general daily meeting of employees, I don’t hear what they say. Why do not they use portable megaphone?; 5. Each employee’s personal information can be viewed including the address (I worry about my safety); 6. Before loading, people interfere with each other with trolleys, because behind the racks there is no clear distribution (the building is not so large) because of this, conflicts arise

fast pace

fast pace environment once accustom to the duties it is manageable. it is a job that requires exertion of energy so its best to stay hydrated. productivity is a must

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