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(based on seeing up thru S9, E8). The show – Why were the first two seasons all about whining that they did not have enough time to do chores, and then after that it was no big deal even though at times they had fewer people to do them? What’s the financial situation through the years? Does anyone there remember that Ty’s dad stole thousands of dollars of Lou’s money? What happened to Amy’s dog? Does Tim need a gun put to his head to stop being a jerk? All these questions and more on the nearly G-rated show called Heartland….

Scott – The most decent and stable of the recurring characters. His only fault was the writers didn’t want him and Lou together, so they made the man who pined away for Lou for so many years decide that because they had a hard time getting together one special day to “make out” that he just gave up completely. Wow that’s weak writing. And the funniest part is that he’s the one that day that had an emergency and then when that got called off a while later he got mad at her for making her own plans for the day.

Peter – This is the most normal person on the show, which is why the writers had to remove him because they can only have extreme characters. His only fault is that he didn’t want to leave his good job in Vancouver, so it destroyed an entire marriage. The writers never gave another reason than that. All it would take is a decent job within driving distance and bam, Peter’s permanent and they would have to get their own house…. so naturally it didn’t happen. At least he doesn’t have to put up with that hot mess Lou anymore who wouldn’t dare live more than a few miles from the ranch. And am I the only one who would have liked to see Peter just once take a baseball bat and smash Tim in the head?

Jack – He was pretty much a perfect character in the beginning, but later he gets to be stubborn with certain things like being in Paris or giving up his junker trucks. I guess it’s to be expected from the oldest on the show that he’d be set in his ways. But all-in-all a great guy.

Ty – He is like Jack in a way as to being wise (some of the time). He is supposed to be the semi-bad boy turned hero. In the early seasons his biggest problem was getting hot-headed way too easily over things he doesn’t have a right to. Part of this is to show that Ty cares a lot about animals, which leads to him being a vet. When it comes to Amy, he did a couple of major league mistakes like going to be with his dad and simply not picking up the phone to tell her “hey my dad is a jerk off but I think I need to stay longer to help him”. Or how about that bike trip he takes and then arrives back with a hot girl…. no matter how innocent that was, you don’t bring a hot friend back with you when your girlfriend is not sure why you left in the first place.

Mallory – Well they had to get rid of Mallory to make room for Georgie, but it’s probably a good thing because Mallory wasn’t getting any better the older she got. Her strongest point was that she was the only one on the show who instantly understood what was going on via someone’s emotions or body language. She did have a bad habit of babbling, whining, and scheming to get her way. But all around we should all miss Mallory.

Amy – She really is the miracle girl. No matter what stunt she pulls or how hard she pushes a client, everything works out for Amy by the end of the episode. She’s adorable and cute as a button, but just once I’d like to see a stunt backfire or at least not work out at the last minute of the show. And I really wonder about how much money she makes for the ranch vs. what’s put into it. As for Amy and Ty, Amy was a big tease in the first season towards him. Ty’s made some mistakes too, but Amy sure doesn’t win girlfriend of the year. And that thing with the Prince and the video …. you’d think she went completely brain dead for those several seconds and forgot the last time another man kissed her. At least with the first guy it was sudden, but this time she had plenty of time to see it coming.

Georgie – I can see why this girl gets so much screen time. Season 6 was her first big season and probably her best in what it did for the show. But as a foster child those emotions are a mixed bag. This girl thinks that everything is either the most awesome thing in the world or the worst, there’s no middle ground. And she doesn’t seem to obey anything any adult tells her specifically not to do… not frickin once. Between that and always whining about everything, she’s pretty lucky she hasn’t gotten grounded for life.

Caleb – When they first introduced him, you just wanted him gone because he was such a jerk with the whole Ty/Amy thing. Then they did a complete 180 with him and he became this lovable dolt. He is either all in or all out emotionally (and unfortunately financially as well). I must say though that season 6 with the whole Caleb getting the hots for Lou thing was pretty intense as it almost seemed like he would throw her down on her desk and they’d have at it. But that would never happen anyway as Lou sees him more as that “dolt”, which is totally understandable….

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