How To Fix Imposter Syndrome!

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Feel like you are JUST lucky and that you dont deserve where you are?

You are NOT alone! Imposter Syndrome is so pervasive in today's society - here is some information regarding the subject and how I have worked through it personally.


Do you need a community where you can be vulnerable and understood?

Head on over to where you can find an anonymous support forum, literature and love.


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Hey guys! My name is Dyllon! I often go by Gooperatives or "Goop" for short! At the age of 16 I went through the toughest period of my life and attempted suicide. After this attempt, I was diagnosed with Bipolar II and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Following a short stint of therapy, I ran from my Mental Health issues for a long time. I use to scapegoat poor behaviors on my mental health, often saying "I'm this way because I have anxiety" etc.

After a 2 year stint on Twitch, I began to see how toxic and unhealthy I was not only for myself but for people around me. And I began talking about my Mental Health.

Now we strive to cultivate a culture of love, vulnerability, and understanding as we all explore our Mental Health together.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a therapist or medical health professional. Any information in this video is purely my advice based on my personal experience combined with thorough research.
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