Korea hopes to cooperate with other nations in performing arts' world

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Arts performances have been coloring South Korea's resort island of Jeju since the beginning of the week,... as the nation aims to connect with other countries around that globe in the world of performing arts.
Our Kan Hyeong-woo tells us more.

"Welcome to the 2019 Jeju Haevichi Arts Festival where everyone is more than welcome to enjoy some of South Korea's finest and most creative performances."

From Tuesday to Wednesday,... thirty-five performance organizations are demonstrating the highlights of their shows including concerts, dances and musicals to promote themselves to the participants of the arts festival.

"I think performers should continue to try to sell their shows and regard this arts festival as an opportunity to build networks with theaters and stage owners. So it's about putting forward efforts to keep communicating with them to make sure your performance gets sold. We are simply providing the platform to do so."

Aside from the performances, the Jeju Haevichi Arts Festival has prepared forums and conferences for domestic and overseas art experts to exchange their know-how and expand their networks.

"There aren't a lot of markets in the world that have this kind of impact, this kind of the number of people that gather here. So from that point of view, now I've met people from China, obviously people from Korea… from Canada, from the UK. So it's a really important networking event for me."

Divided into five sessions that cover international cooperation, arts education, exhibition, management and stage technology,... the forums are being held from Tuesday to Wednesday with some two-thousand participants from ten countries.
Kan Hyeong-woo, Arirang News, Jeju.
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