Student Stops to Help Collapsed Girl but It's the Runner Behind Her That Made Headlines

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Cross country races aren't really very newsworthy. A bunch of runners begins the race at the starting line, and they cross the finish line. The ACC Women's Cross Country race in 2018 started out as your typical race, but when something amazing happened, people all over the world were talking about it. When one runner becomes too weak and fatigued to stand up after falling down, two runners who had never met the runner before decided that being a good person was more important than winning a race.
The girls in question, Rachel and Evie, showed that there are times when winning isn't everything. These girls decided that doing the right thing and being kind was more important than completing a race. They story is amazing, and the video is incredible. It is fortunate that someone was there taping the whole thigh. It gives you a chance to see what true sportsmanship looks like.

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