The Last Ones | Feature Film

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Following a virus that took the lives of most of the population, John and Micheal have spent their days trying to survive and make sense of their new world. But when they meet the mysterious Karina, who has knowledge of the outside world, their friendship and everything they once knew about the virus and each other will be tested.

"...old school charm that fans of the genre are going to enjoy. " - Horror Society
"... The Last Ones has a lot to offer " - Midnight Horror Show

Ratio: 16x9 Audio: 2 .0
Cast: Algernon D'Ammassa, Marcelle Bowman, Robert Rodriguez
Director: Andrew Jara
Duration: 78mins
Lang: English
Year: 2017

Official Selection
Plaza Classic Film Festival
White Sands International Film Festival
Fright Night Film Festival
NM Tricon Film Festival
Midnight Black International Festival of Darkness

Best Overall Film - NM Tricon Film Festival
Horror, Mexican, psychological thriller, Virus, Arthouse, Black and White, zombie
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